She bought my body with money and I traded my body for her money

BNB盈幣寶My name is ye feng. I am 25 years old and graduated from a famous university. Yes, I am now in captivity with a second wife. Logically, I can find a good job after graduation, they can support themselves, do not have to rely on women to feed, eat women’s soft rice. And so it is. My first job was a breeze. With all the rewards and social practices I had accumulated in college and my strong diploma, I was quickly hired by a foreign company ranked among the fortune 500. I started at the bottom. To tell you the truth, I think I’m overqualified. The basics are a piece of cake for me. I really want to work on a better platform and position to display my talent. When I told my boss about this idea, he gave me a piece of my mind. “You think you are old, you just came to the company a few days, you don’t think you are a famous university graduates can be so arrogant, you think you are great? ! You ought to work at the bottom until you have washed away this superficiality of pride.” The boss’s words annoyed me. It was the first time in my lifeBITCASE盈幣寶 I had been pointed at. I can’t face it. I wanted to swear and I wanted to quit right away. But on second thoughts, or make do for a while, and find the next unit and then go not too late. Then, in the following work, I gradually became less and less dedicated. I muddled through a lot of work when I could, and even made several careless mistakes. Although these errors do not bring much loss to the company, but often make these simple mistakes will inevitably be questioned and berated by the leadership. It hit me pretty hard. I was fresh out of college, young and proud. So I left the company after two months. The days after my resignation were rather dreary, for I had made the decision on the spur of the moment and had made it blindly before I had found the next outlet. I was not too shy to ask my family for money, so I had to board in a cottage rented by a friend. But again good friend, always freeload white live, the somebody else also is not happy, always insinuating ground asks me to find suitable job to have no, plan when to moveBCH盈幣寶 out from him here live, or it is all sorts of blame and insinuating, talk in secret. No matter how retarded or slow I am, I can understand the meaning of my friends. Sometimes the look in my eyes is enough to make me feel cold for a long time. Of course, I can understand others, after all, people under the roof can not bow, what’s more, the old trouble others is always bad things. At that time, I was crazy to send my resume online. At first, I was picky. Later, I would try every interview opportunity. Until one day, I went to a private company for an interview. I was interviewed by a woman in her thirties. Although she was not very young, she still had charm due to proper maintenance. She took a look at my resume and asked me a few questions. Then she made her decision on the spot and told me that I was officially hired and could start to work tomorrow. Later, I learned that this woman was the second wife of the boss of this private enterprise. As a result of this special relationship, all employees of the enterprise are respectful ADA盈幣寶to her. And the reason why I was in her eyes, not only because of my personal resume how beautiful, but because I was tall and handsome. She told me that later after she slept with me. Yes, it was this woman who later raised me in captivity. She placed me beside her as her private secretary. By private secretary, I was at her beck and call. She wanted me to be available 24 hours a day. When the boss business trip or not beside her, she will be a phone call to me to accompany her. In this way, unconsciously, I became her lover. She bought my body with money, and I traded my body for her money. But at the same time I felt very guilty. I despised myself. I want to escape from this life, but at the same time enjoy this material pleasure. I felt as if my life was about to be ruined by this woman, but I knew I was bringing myself down. Maybe, one day she tired of me, will kick me out of it. I just can’t imagine the life after, my heart is really good pain, full of torture and fear, all kinds of be swayed by considerations of gain and loss,搬磚 displaced……

Before marriage, her boyfriend and ex-girlfriend are still entangled

花蓮徵信社推薦Husband and wife life is disharmonious, beg private detective move! My boyfriend and I have known each other for two years. We are going to get married in October. We are both from zhangzhou and work in xiamen. My boyfriend knew me before he had three girlfriends, he told me, but I think they are about to get married, I do not mind the previous things, who did not past, as long as the future on a point not to fool around, and my boyfriend also told me, he and the former girlfriend have no contact. Before I encountered a small three, the former after cheating on his return to request I forgive, I softhearted agreed at the time, thought that the former is still didn’t change the bad habit of flower heart, pain, when I was on a business trip bar fooling around with another woman, after I found I was sadly, broke up, after meet boyfriend now, we have been very smoothly, ready to get married. I didn’t expect that at 11 o ‘clock last night, my boyfriend and I were ready to have a rest. My boyfriend’s mobile phone rang suddenly. Due to the particularity of his work, he was required to turn on the phone 24 hours a day. The result boyfriend answered the phone, did not speak, after a few seconds hung up. I felt strange at that time, my boyfriend explained that he called the wrong number. Result led a few minutes, the telephone again dozen come, male this time saw once, hang up directly. I was sure he was keeping something from me, so I checked my phone records while my boyfriend was asleep and wrote down the number. When I called in the morning, I identified myself and asked who the man was, and the man said she was my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. I told her that I and my boyfriend want to get married, trouble her don’t mess with my boyfriend again, who knows she said, you are not to get a license? He told me everything. I’ve known him for five years. I have a deeper relationship with him than you do. I know him better than you do. Boyfriend and I are rushing to get married to, he in order to be able to get married, wo澎湖徵信社推薦rk has been very hard, active with leadership requires the department, double the workload, it is early in order to be able to buy a house, we have a house, seven up eight down money up also gather together enough, going to get card, eleven banquet was placed within this year and now such a former girlfriend, suddenly disrupted my plan, I also feel no boyfriend what attitude, he is always hide from me for contact or what. Now come to tianya er for help, how to test with my boyfriend, to see if he has been keeping contact with my ex, or the ex suddenly pester me, whether to directly with my boyfriend showdown, we have not got the license, how to deal with the matter? Please g筆跡鑑定BLOGive some advice.

Private detective, wife bridal chamber night embrace best man how to do?

全球第一大交易所「幣安 Binance」有多厲害?Private detective, wife bridal chamber night embrace best man how to do? Married less than a week, I was anxious to divorce, because my wife in the wedding night will be drunk I kick the bed bottom, holding the handsome best man, I was drunk when hit. My wife and I got to know each other at a friend’s birthday party. At that time, they were surrounded by a group of people drinking. Wife gives my first impression: nuhanzi. My first impression to wife: gentleman man. Because my father died early, so the character is unsociable, about good good wife see admire. And the wife, also grow up in divorced family, the chic of the surface is put on. Maybe two people can relate to each other at some point, so we fall in love very quickly. When talking about marriage, our marriage was hit yuanyang by the mother-in-law stick, the reason is very simple: 1) the mother-in-law thinks the w【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】幣安趙長鵬:台灣民主且開放,很適合成亞洲區塊鏈中心!ife is particularly excellent, marry me is qu CAI. 2) my wife is seven hours away, and my mother-in-law doesn’t want to marry her daughter too far. My wife and I had to part for some time because of my mother-in-law’s tough attitude. During that time, my wife and I were very miserable, secretly running between two cities. Love may be the need for excitement, finally, the wife to cut the wrist to do blackmail, mother-in-law allowed such a marriage. At the same time, a great change came over me. I often asked myself: is it really right for me and my wife to be together? To be able to say, from the wedding photos to the preparation between the marriage is a wife in the busy, and I, just think I slept with this woman, I will be for her. My wife was unhappy with my negative mood, but she had fallen out with her family over me, which meant that she had to carry on regardless of【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】Shitcoin 滿天飛?末日博士 Nouriel Roubini 跟 BitMEX Arthur Haye 激辯實錄 whether our marriage was happy or not, right or wrong. On my wedding day, I was so drunk that I passed out after a few drinks. Wedding night, I thought the best men will soon leave, but, after I woke up, I found my wife holding the most handsome best man. Wife gives my explanation: she is drunk at that time also, side has a man, she thinks be me, embrace to fall asleep. The wife also said that they were innocent. But I did see them hugging each other naked. The best man is my friend, of course. He and my wife don’t really spend much time together. But how can I guarantee that the beautiful and the talented won’t have a night of passion? At the moment I, to the wife lukewarm not fire, the brain always flash divorce excitement. What am I supposed to do? P.i. : when did you go to bed? When did your wife kick you out of bed? I believe your answer is: you don’t know. You know【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】CZ 趙長鵬親談:幣安如何從 ICO 發跡?, when you wake up, all you see is your wife hugging your best man, your best friend. What I want to say is that there is a phenomenon in the wine field called fragmentation. If you can’t remember anything at some point, why not allow it to happen to your wife? What’s more, one only needs to be really drunk, and how to do that kind of thing. Your wife may drink a lot and be outgoing, but that doesn’t make her a casual woman. In fact, your wife’s personality and attitude towards love, you understand better than me, want to ask, in your eyes, your wife is the kind of woman who often hook up with handsome men? Besides, if your wife likes handsome men, how could she have liked you in the first place and turned against your family in order to marry you? Sometimes what you see is the truth. I hope you can believe your wife’s innocence, do not use your wild guess your wife to yo【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】末日博士 Nouriel Roubini:比特幣根本不去中心,區塊鏈一點用都沒有ur deep feeling.

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?Wife show cup cleavage is violated by the customer how to do? I was born and raised in the countryside, after graduating from high school, with the city’s second uncle started a contractor. Say to contract foreman, it is to take a few laborer to build a building in the city actually. I am lucky, stem a few years, accepted a big job. The number of migrant workers I coach is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m earning more and more money. And settled down in the city. You don’t say an vulgarity, big vulgarity namely refined taste, an also understand vogue. But I never forget this, not forced, steadfast work, this sub – sub life. House car all had, an beginning looks for an object. My mother says the girls in the city are too ostentatious. You can’t put that bird in this cage. You better find a country girl. I don’t think so. I think there’s a lot of good girls in town. In order to respect my mother’s opinion, I decided to find a town girl from the countryside. This may be conducive to the development of the relation為何幣圈都用 Telegram?ship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. An is comparable to the traditional man, looking for the standard of the object is also comparable to the traditional, appearance is not important, as long as can take out good, the key is good character, in addition to a full point, my niang said woman ass big good birth, my niang also said, female three embrace gold. I also want to let my niang embrace a gold brick, so I looked for a big me 3 years old, ass big, chest also big woman. Chunmei, that is, my wife now, the first time to meet my soul hook away. For she was not only handsome and plump, but she spoke and behaved in the manner of one who goes up to the hall and down to the kitchen. She just took a fancy to my plain, feel follow me, have peaceful feeling, sureness. My wife is the goddess in my heart, she has E cup of crisp and crisp breast, meek, virtuous, noble, mingyan, moving. The only unsatisfactory is that pure beauty fantasy is when an excellent salesman, I want to let her husband doll, she has to wor虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDTk for several years to say, otherwise participate in countless training have done in vain. Besides, she didn’t want to be accused of living off me. I feel ok, anyway still young, respect her idea. Junmei joined a real estate company as a salesman. She only knows theory, but has no experience in practice. A good colleague secretly informed her, sales to fastidious skills, in addition to conventional skills, clothing and expression is also more important. Wear revealing clothes, show off your “career line”, show off your femininity, absorb the customer, natural good. Pure beauty listened to her advice, I dressed up, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, mean to wear a small bra, show her that attractive cleavage, and customers contact, pay attention to wipe eyes view color, act according to opportunity. Really had some effect, but before long, be occupied by the person cheap, a covetous fellow, moved bad scheming to an wife. Mean to make things difficult for her, call her in the middle of the night, let her go to a h加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?otel a room to sign the purchase contract. Junmei said can we sign it tomorrow? That male say, tomorrow morning I go on a business trip, want to sign today sign, don’t sign don’t buy. Chunmei couldn’t, so she went to the hotel. He was a fat man who saw chunmei’s two eyes staring straight at her breasts. Say something unimportant with a smirk, but don’t get down to business. Finally, the beginning of pure beauty start foot, pure beauty a look at things not good, want to flee. The man grabbed chunmei and forced her under him. Chunmei struggled so hard that he tore her clothes. That male gesticulation ground says, if you from me, I buy two suites. Chunmei resolutely not from, a punch in his key, the man let go, chunmei took the opportunity to flee. The contract was not signed and was taken advantage of. After pure beauty cry go home, an anger blunt blunt, led him to that hotel, that male once check out a room, contact again can’t reach him. I wish I could tear that man to pieces. Xin kui did not attack what. Or I wo幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!n’t spare the boy.

A word from the sister-in-law made my husband never touch me again

I really fast disintegrate, don’t want divorce how should I do? In June of this year, the sister-in-law divorced and went back to her parents’ home with the child. In fact, to put it bluntly, is to live in my house. Private detective, I bought the house before we got married, but after we got married we lived with my mother-in-law. Her husband said she could let her live here for a while. I was unhappy, but I allowed it. Sister-in-law came to live in my study, a tatami. Her son this year 9 years old, very like to move my things, eat time can turn over the bowl of food, only pick his own love to eat, a pair of uneducated appearance to make me look very uncomfortable, but sister-in-law also never say once. Since he came, the mother-in-law will always be delicious to the grandson, she said he is a guest. My son was left out in the cold. More exasperating is, his son likes to move things, not to move my makeup is to move my computer, but also rob my son’s toys hit my son. One night he play my computer, sister-in-law in the middle of the night to her children cursed a few, husband and mother-in-law thought she had what happened, rushed to the study to see the computer that unbearable scene – is playing me and former boyfriend a close video. I hide those photos and video in a very humble little folder, how he found it!! I hurried over to turn off the computer. Then he had a big fight with me and asked me what was wrong. I said he was an ex-boyfriend, but he just couldn’t believe it. He said he was at least 30 years older than me. How could he be a boyfriend? I said boyfriend, and is the first love he gave me a lot of memories, so I did not want to delete those photos. He asked me how I had the ability to徵信社 buy a house, the original is a piece of skin. His words too bad, I angrily take things hit him, the result of my mother-in-law out scold me shameless, I and my mother-in-law also quarreled. Sister-in-law in the side of the quarrel said: perhaps younger brother and sister young not sensible, which young people do not make mistakes, can change the line, something to say, a good family life…… The husband more listen to more spirit, shout to me loudly say this day can’t lead. So the next day constant cold war, sister-in-law’s children also constantly clamoring to play computer, the husband heard the computer and I quarrel. I am angry under to the eldest sister-in-law said sentence: you come stem what, divorced a marriage to come disaster I, early roll! Sister-in-law suddenly cried, my husband beat me. It was the first time he had hit me, and it hurt. I asked for a divorce, but my husband didn’t agree. He said he would give him a hundred thousand dollars and a car if I left. With what, car and room are I buy before marriage, it is my why want to give him. After I got married, I spent more than 100,000 yuan on treating his mother. My son cried out that we didn’t want a divorce, and I couldn’t breathe when I looked at him at the age of six. We didn’t end up getting divorced, but he hasn’t touched me since. Two people sleep in a bed, but he always back to me, also don’t talk to me don’t communicate with me, constantly also don’t want to touch me, I active she suspicion I vexed, how should I do? Those really are my past, why can’t he bear? Love a person is not love her all? I feel cheated. He said he would love me anyway. However, he did not even my past a relationship to bear. What should I do? Divorc婦幼徵信社e? Actually, I don’t want to. It’s too bad. Private detective reply: in love, the man said I do not mind your past, in order to complete all get you. After marriage, a man starts to mind your past because he really loves you. It may not be your past that matters to your husband, but the fact that you keep the photos and the video. To him, it means that your heart is still full of your love. He is also angry that your frank past was punctured by a child who felt humiliated and hurt his pride. Furthermore, you first not to explain about it, but an argument with her mother-in-law, his sister go out, the two people are and decades of his life, he has the most closely related two people, you scold them, they go out is playing his face, play his bottom line, let I fall alone. In regard to your letter, I would like to give you the following Suggestions: first, learn to respect others and apologize first. In front of the husband, take the initiative and mother-in-law and sister-in-law sorry. Your husband can’t bear your past. You shouldn’t take your anger out on her. If you want to get your husband’s forgiveness, you should take action. Two, in front of the husband, delete all photos and video. Your past and your photos are two different things. Because you save the memories of the past, for him, it is not in your mind the past, you have not let go. So, he has a feeling that you betrayed him. Three, communicate well with husband, prevent quarrel cold war. Quarrel and the cold war is the most likely to cause the loss of feelings between husband and wife, and he negotiate well, do not quarrel with him at every turn and he cold war. At this point, you are in a timely manner soft and weak, timely explanation a婦幼徵信社BLOGnd communication. Express your love and cultivate your love talents. He gives you the cold shoulder, thinking you’re defending “your past — your relationship with your ex-boyfriend”, so you should learn to let go and express your love for your husband more so that you can nurture your love for each other. Take action, set up some romance, let him feel that you love him. Five, more to the child’s position, and the husband analysis of divorce risk. And the husband’s analysis, after the divorce on the child’s outlook on life and marriage view form a grand harm, affect the child’s lifelong growth. There are many risks to the complicated structure of a second marriage: the kids can’t handle your marriage, your life is worse than it is now, and so on. Six, more transposition consideration, and mother-in-law stand in the united front. If you want to be happy, you should take care of your mother-in-law first. When you beat her son in front of her, as a mother, she is bound to get angry. You have also been a mother, more consideration, must understand the feelings of a mother. And the mother-in-law sorry, stand in the mother-in-law’s unified front, so talent better overpower your husband not divorce idea. Don’t force your husband to live with you for a while. Make room for him to digest your past. During this period, you do not force your husband to live with you as a husband and wife, do not take the initiative to give myself a little bit of authority. More the expression of a few warmth, move him gradually, after letting him bear this matter, live husband and wife life from again however however. Don’t get excited about the divorce, but take action to save the marriage. Maybe this storm can test the leve徵信社費用l of your love.

The mother-in-law said it was not allowed to visit the children often after the divorce mother-in-law is very good, his seven sister eight elder sister-in-law is also very good, but is only my husband he is addicted to JIU, ok D, this day really not bottom go to, child three years old, my family suggested that I divorced, no kids, leave this place to start your new life, divorce stressed don’t give me the children away, but I’m carrying children ah, clever and lovely baby I just can’t willing to give up. His current income is not very abundant without the help of his mother family a person really can not raise children, tianya friends you say I change how to do? Stressed also said I got a divorce, it is not want to take children to play can bring, says this is not good for children, said the child is so small she d徵信社服務項目oesn’t understand, what she said to me to 16 years of age, children big sensible she wants to go with my mother by her so, but in children before the age of 16 are not my mother to accompany her 16 will recognize me? I was born in 89 years, the viewers of tianya give me advice? I’m all messed up right now. The fullness of the child, how can you say no, no, sometimes I like 警民徵信社BLOGor I’ll drag divorce not wait for three years, (now and husband separated for one year, he and his family are all don’t want our divorce) three years after the child is six years old, at that time I also struggle of about the same also can independent raising children, then I’ll divorce, I strive for the custody of the children, and then find a divorce to get along well wit徵信社案例h children, too.

100 billion international tycoon lie: guo hong international investment project investigation“At the moment, what is happening in the company is normal and inevitable. “We do not avoid the fact that we have violated regulations in the course of operation. It is necessary for us to accept normal investigation. We are determined to correct the objective problems.” Zhao shengli said. Zhao is the chairman of guohong international group. Something really unusual has happened recently at guohong international. On March 22, police seized the shenzhen office of zhongchu fusion equity investment fund management co., LTD., a subsidiary of guohong international, on the 24th floor of the office building of great China international exchange square in futian district, shenzhen. A huge wealth myth hidden traps that veil be solved immediately, according to the shenzhen police on March 22, the preliminary statistics, the company nationwide illegal absorbing public deposits more than 1 billion yuan, involving the crowd of more than 60000 people, the police on the spot to the criminal suspect 6 people (2) be bailed out because of illness, corporate sheng-li zhao as a criminal suspect is still on the loose, 11 seized bank account. (March 26, the 9th edition of our newspaper “zhao shengli transnational investment fraud collapse guokhong international involved in 1 billion illegal fund-raising was investigated” reported). Zhao shengli said in the open letter that “although there is no false, but there are certain problems, we must treat the investigation correctly.” He insisted that the gold development projects signed with Russia were worth 25 billion euros, and all government approvals, asset certificates and evaluation reports had been obtained. “Zhao shengli is continuing to commit the crime, and we will record it,” said shenzhen police in charge of the case. A reporter’s investigation found that at least two of guokhong’s alleged projects had been proven to be fraudulent. The undetected “guohong international bank”, the ridiculously fake VISA card, and the $6 billion investment in shenzhen’s bao ‘an port project have uncovered a part of zhao shengli’s 1-billion-a-year scam. Born in May 1955 in pulandian, dalian, liaoning province, zhao shengli graduated from qiqihar normal university (now qiqihar university). In 1999, the 44-year-old zhao shengli and his “dalian qunxian industrial development company” (hereinafter referred to as “qunxian industrial”) were known as “the king of wiping debts” in the old industrial base of northeast China in the late 1990s. In the northeast old industrial base, the state-owned enterprise is numerous, the triangle debt between the enterprise is common, “wipe the debt” has become a new industry. What is wipe debt? In other words, assume the creditor’s rights and debts of enterprises in the debt chain, obtain physical objects from relevant enterprises, transfer them into materials or funds in the market, and return them to the enterprises in the chain respectively according to the contract. Sheng-li zhao illustrates his debt performance, a certain saltworks, be badly in need of some steel sheng-li zhao with steel, but no money saltworks, willing to take the product top account, sheng-li zhao will replace saltworks products with alkali, reoccupy alkali glass, and are sold by the glass glass distributors, money back, a few happy, sheng-li zhao also obtain profit through the post. Zhao shengli initially found a way to make money from the corporate debt chain, but he finally decided to jump out of the circle to engage in processing industry. In the 1990s, zhao shengli’s qunxian industrial co., LTD was not only engaged in mashing debts, but also engaged in food processing and other industries. He cooperated with Taiwanese businessmen in the projects of corn starch and fructose, maltose and glucose, dehydrated vegetables and chips and other agricultural products. That year, his public goal was for dalian qunxian to achieve an output value of 150 million yuan, and to try to go public a few years later. But until seven years later, zhao shengli is still far away from the target of hundreds of millions of output value. On August 15, 2006, a notice of tax arrears issued by dalian municipal tax bureau showed that the “dalian qunxian gas compressor co., LTD.” represented by zhao shengli as the legal person was listed, and the address was no. 6, xigong road, tiexi district, pulandian city, dalian, and the amount of VAT owed was 140,000 yuan. Zhao shengli’s id number in this announcement is exactly the same as that of the registered legal person of zhao shengli in the Beijing bureau of industry and commerce, a well-known multinational group. In 2005, zhao shengli turned to Beijing. On May 23, 2006, zhao shengli registered a small company “qingda gaoke (Beijing) management consulting co., ltd. with a registered capital of only 100,000 yuan in Beijing industrial and commercial bureau. The registered place is a unit of the residential building –” room 101, unit 1, building 1, xinzhaojiayuan residential building, changying township, chaoyang district “. Business scope for enterprise management, investment, economic and trade consulting, conference services, advertising design, agency, etc. The turning point came in 2009, when zhao shengli suddenly became a big boss from a small company. On August 3, 2009, zhao shengli established guohong international energy investment group co., LTD in Beijing, which was the main character of its series of fund-raising operation stories. Industrial and commercial registration data show that the international law for zhao hongli, registered capital of 50.1 million. The business scope covers everything from project investment, investment consulting to film and television planning, and even sales of wujinjiaodian, wood, as many as 25 items. The macro international group subsidiary listed in the website have the acer international bank, the international finance co., LTD. (Hong Kong) and the macro international investment co., LTD. (Hong Kong), the guarantee, resources development and investment company between China and Russia, Siberia, wood industry company, and so on, also including a communications technology company, a foundation, a world outstanding entrepreneurs association (Hong Kong). On July 18, 2011, zhao shengli registered “Beijing zhongchu fusion equity investment fund management co., LTD” in Beijing, which is the parent company of shenzhen zhongchu fusion, which was seized by shenzhen police on March 22. Sino-reserve integration is an important part of guohong international and also the core organization for illegal fund-raising. Zhao shengli was released on bail in shandong province in October 2011, also on suspicion of illegal deposit. Reporters also verified the claim from the police. On the front page of guokhong international’s website, it boasts that on the afternoon of February 13th, a “signing ceremony for investment cooperation in African countries of guokhong international group (GLP)” was held in diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing. Representatives from guohong international and the contracting parties Leviev group, Princeton holdings co., LTD., as well as the ambassadors of the republic of the Congo, the republic of Mali, the republic of Gabon, cote d ‘ivoire, the republic of guinea and other African countries attended the meeting. GLP, a joint venture with Leviev and Princeton holdings, is registered in New York and is committed to jointly developing mineral and forestry resources in Africa. It also promises governments in Africa and other countries to help build infrastructure such as railways and deep-sea ports. A lawyer who has long helped clients register overseas companies says companies registered in the U.S. go through a complex process of registering under state and federal rules. To set up a company in New York, you must first apply to Empire State Development. After registration, you can check the registration data in the database of the State government website of the company. A search of the registered companies database at the New York state government’s corporate registration department, GLP Joint Venture, or GLP, was unsuccessful. The staffs of the above-mentioned African embassies in China said that some of them did go to diaoyutai guesthouse to attend the event. “But they didn’t know whether they had signed up or not, and were invited to the event, which doesn’t prove that these agreements exist.” One person familiar with the matter said guomeng is not one of the companies that ivory coast has partnered with China. “B基隆徵信社推薦illions of international tycoon” lies: the macro research project to international investment contradictions 37.8 billion port project country macro international, said last year on October 11, and port economy development in shenzhen, guangdong province, the company signed a “shenzhen baoan district comprehensive port investment cooperation agreement”, the total investment of 6 billion dollars (about 37.8 billion yuan), the construction of “baoan shenzhen port area”, the macro international group, 70% of the shares, to cooperation company registered in March 2012 commencement ceremony is held in April 2012. According to the registration information obtained by the reporter in shenzhen market supervision bureau, the aforesaid guangdong port economic development shenzhen company has a registered capital of 20 million yuan, which is a state-owned enterprise. Its business scope is limited to import and export business, domestic commerce and material supply and marketing. On April 6, the reporter came to room 1101, international chamber of commerce building (block B), xinzhou road, futian district, shenzhen, the registered address of the company. The staff of the company said that they knew nothing about the cooperation with guohong international development, and the legal person in charge of the company was on a business trip and could not be interviewed. According to “shenzhen special economic zone port management regulations”, shenzhen municipal government sets up shenzhen port management committee (with the city traffic committee is two brands a set of groups), according to the law of the port industry management. But the reporter from shenzhen SEC staff understands, port and waterway freight transportation management bureau in 1998 edition of the clock, not “baoan comprehensive port area”, and in 2012 the new planning, added a “baoan zone”, but not the macro international claims “baoan comprehensive port area”, and the new planning name has not been enabled. According to the planning bureau, guohong international did not apply to the bureau for land use. “Normally, if a construction project needs land, he needs materials related to the NDRC’s project approval. We have not received the documents of application procedures from guohong international to our bureau.” Guohong international also displayed on its official website a redhead document issued by the development and reform bureau of bao ‘an district, shenzhen (baofa reform letter (2010) no. 541), the full name of which is “reply on the comprehensive development and construction of shenzhen bao ‘an comprehensive port area”. Baoan district reform bureau office chief introduction, the main content of the letter is called received port economic development corporation, guangdong province, the comprehensive industrial port area of shenzhen baoan comprehensive development and construction of instruct “, studies the coma to harbor bureau said that construction by shenzhen port management committee, declaration of foreign exchange funds access by foreign exchange administrations under the state council and its branch management, it is recommended that the company lodge an application to these functions. “The reply does not confirm the authenticity of the project. On the contrary, our reply means to deny it. Such a big project, besides being discussed by the standing committee of the municipal government, has to be submitted to guangdong province for approval. So we called back and asked it to apply to other functional departments in accordance with the law.” “A port development company simply doesn’t have that much power,” said the head of the office of the development and reform bureau of bao ‘an. According to the person in charge of dachuawan port office, dachuawan port area is a large specialized container port identified and developed in shenzhen port overall layout plan jointly approved by the ministry of communications and the guangdong provincial government. The billions or even tens of billions of dollars that guokhong claims to be investing, adding up to hundreds of billions of dollars, are a far cry from the more than 1 billion yuan that shenzhen police initially investigated. Even more puzzling, a company that claims to have invested $100 bill台北徵信社推薦ion has only 400,000 yuan in cash in all 11 bank accounts. According to shenzhen police, it is due to guokhong international’s external claims of strong strength and the high future returns of related projects that many private investors have unreasonable expectations of short-term returns on wealth, which has created the myth that guokhong international has attracted more than 60 thousand investors and more than 1 billion yuan in the first year of its establishment. In addition to the two projects of baoan port and zhonghua jade Buddha garden in China, dozens of projects promoted by guohong international are in foreign countries, all over Russia, South Korea, Africa, Thailand, the United States, Ukraine, Mongolia, and even the little-known royal grand duchy of Borneo. “Why are so many projects offshore? Because if it’s onshore, investors can easily verify it. And if one of the projects is found to be fake, it can cast doubt on the whole company.” The lawyer song zhenhua of guangzhou tongfu law firm thinks. According to the preliminary statistics of shenzhen police, about 10,000 of the 30,000 clients guohong international had developed in the early stage “made money”, received a cash coupon of 24% and terminated their contracts after the one-year period. The remaining 30,000 customers entered a round of so-called larger investment. Once the capital chain breaks, the 1 billion yuan involved will affect tens of thousands of investors. According to song zhenhua, zhao shengli’s open letter is of no practical significance to investors, who can only wait for the relevant departments to deal with the case after it is solved, or through civil litigation. Reporter learned from shenzhen police, the case is being investigated, zhao shengli is currently in where, the police has not yet mastered. With zhao shengli at the same time “evaporation”, there are nearly 1 billion yuan of capital. Guohong international one – hand absorption deposit, one – hand investment, the flow of key funds, all zhao shengli himself control. Guokhong international’s financial officer, who is being held by the police, previously testified that 300 million yuan of the money was used for value-added international financial services and investment in some projects, while nearly 700 million yuan was not even known to the company’s financial director. In the documents seized by the police, there are many customer application forms of “guokang international bank zhongyi finance VISA card”, which are similar to the application forms of ordinary bank CARDS in China. The main body of the card “guohong international bank”, in the guohong official website “events” there are traces to follow. Events show that in October 2011, guohong international has approved the registration of “guohong international bank” in London and New Zealand, and plans to locate the bank headquarters in Beijing. The company will issue debit CARDS and credit CARDS to provide a more convenient and effective fund management platform to achieve a triple win for Banks, enterprises and depositors. Zhao shengli, however, said at the grand opening ceremony of guohong international in shenzhen in early December 2011, “we value shenzhen, and we have decided to settle in Hong Kong and shenzhen with guohong international bank registered in London and Ireland.” Another message on its official website “news center” shows that Guo Hong International Bank has been registered in the UK and the Netherlands in November 2011, and registration procedures in mainland China are being processed. The first batch of VISA CARDS issued by guokhong international bank zhongyi wealth management co., ltd. will begin to be issued today, aiming to issue a total of 50,000 CARDS. Not only is the so-called registration place of the bank inconsistent, but there are three groups of different matches between London and New Zealand, the Netherlands and Ireland. Guohong international also claims that the registration procedures of the bank in the mainland of China are in progress. And according to China “commercial bank law”, the minimum registered capital of the establishment of national commercial Banks is 1 billion yuan, registered capital of only 50.1 million guohong international is clearly delusional “snake s新北徵信社推薦wallows elephant”.

Weidock (xiamen) business research company

private detective agency徵信社After nearly six years of industry exploration, experience accumulation and knowledge summary, vydok has established a comprehensive operation team that “takes law as the longitude and longitude, takes experience as the vein, USES knowledge as the powedetective agency徵信社r, and takes resources as the starting point”. In addition, it adopts the working mode of “professional team work in various business directions and coordination among teams in a similar way”, so as to realize resource sharing and achievement guaranteetaiwan detective徵信社 to the greatest extent. Weidock (xiamen) business research company to “marriage research, headhunting services, business research, debt research” as the core business. Xiamen private detective, in all the investigation, vydok mainly rely on solid socidaaidetective徵信社al network resources, with a good, high-quality team of different professional types, professional, experienced legal partners, good reputation, experienced industry partners to achieve the effective work of private detective services. Website:


徵信社工作私人調查人員營銷:13個創新提示,2012年10月21日,作者:PInow StaffMarketing“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“>分享創新的營銷策略可以為創造新的商機大有幫助,而且隨著私人調查員考慮新想法是尋找振興其營銷策略的方法,這是一個很好的開始。您是具有多年經驗的專業人士或行業新手,正在尋找吸引您的第一批客戶的方法,將精心撰寫的介紹信與這些創新的營銷策略結合起來,可以幫助您在此樹立商機。以下是13條創新的營銷技巧私人偵探:送出徽標商品每個人都喜歡免費的物品,無論它是T恤衫,杯子,杯墊,水,貼紙,鋼筆,鑰匙扣,鼠標墊,計算器,食物,您都可以自己命名!為了幫助您找到名稱和服務,請打印您在各種產品上的徽標和聯繫信息,並將其投放給本地企業。嘗試定位最有可能利用您服務的企業像當地的酒吧和餐館等其他非常規場所一樣。每兩個月送一箱貼有徽標的水,巧克力或甜甜圈。定期提供免費禮物是您熟悉的面孔並與公司建立良好關係的好方法,但請不要忘記提供您的聯繫信息! Process Server LinkedIn組成員Kelly Townsend已成功地將印有公司徽標和聯繫方式的糖果碟送給律師助理。餐具放在律師助理的桌子上時,藉口就可以順便把它裝滿。嘗試這種策略,不僅會使您變得熟悉起來,而且聯繫信息始終位於律師助理的面前,下次他們被指示僱用調查員時,您可能會打來電話。贊助當地刑事律師或律師助理活動考慮一下為當地社團活動提供餐飲或提供金錢贊助的費用。作為贊助商,您可以要求幾分鐘的時間進行交談,懸掛公司標語或向參加會議的會員提供印有您的聯繫債務協商BLOG方式的鋼筆和記事本。贊助活動是一次將公司介紹給幾位細心的律師的好方法,這可能會對您的業務產生巨大影響。參與或舉辦社區活動為競賽,抽獎或抽獎或舉辦當地比賽提供獎品可以幫助您在社區活動中與潛在客戶聯繫。成為社區的積極成員可以建立信譽,並通過口碑廣告幫助您的公司贏得曝光。您還可以考慮利用自己的專業知識向社區成員講授公共安全,自衛或家庭監視基礎知識。搜救任務中的志願者在失踪人員的情況下,社區經常集會。擔任私人調查員的志願服務可以幫助搜索和救援團隊保持組織狀態,並讓您的公司成為社區的領導者和關心者。如果搜索沒有結果,請說明您的一些更高級的服務可能會幫助您找到該人。免費接受客戶最棘手的案件我們是從調查人員營銷小組成員Tom“ Maverick” Gorgone那裡得到的。他曾經要求處理一個沒有被雇用的調查員成功的案例。 Gorgone提出要約的條件是要在以後的案件中按他的正常費率使用他,並且隨著他的成功獲得了回頭客。一次請幫忙。青睞。肯恩·哈頓(Kenn Harton)成員在幫了一個朋友之後,又與一位當地的大律師進行了重複工作。為了與Gorgone達成其他專業人員無法做到的目標的策略保持一致,在律師的調查員空手而歸之後,Harton對朋友進行了調查。當Harton的調查結果揭示了案例轉折的證據時,對朋友的favor顧變成了主要客戶的回頭客。與過去的客戶保持聯繫無論是律師利用您的服務進行研究還是您在監視調查中提供幫助的個人,請確保您可以通過保持聯繫來鞏固自己的品牌。與過去的客戶聯繫並要求他們提供推薦,或填寫反饋調查表以了解如何改善業務。這樣可以建立信任並向您的過往客戶表明您關心他們的經歷。提供在本地電視或廣播網絡中擔任獨立顧問的工作與本地新聞或廣播網絡合作以獲取積極的宣傳。考慮聯繫當地新聞台,並作為當地案例的顧問為您提徵信社營業項目供服務。雖然您可能會捐出時間,